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5-HTP is an amino acid and the direct precursor from serotonin. This means that serotonin is produced in the body in just one step of 5-HTP. Serotonin is considered the hormone that regulates the mood, inhibits aggressions and fears fears. For depression, anxiety and mood swings, therefore, serotonin deficiency is often suspected and it is recommended to take action to increase serotonin levels. 5-HTP is such a measure. An overview of natural and holistic measures to increase the serotonium level can be found at the end of the article (naturally increase under serotonin levels). Below is only one of the measures presented there, namely the taking of 5-HTP and why the Purchase of 5-HTP can prove worthwhile.

The advantages of 5-HTP to L-Tryptophan - where can you buy 5 HTP?

While 5-HTP is the direct precursor from Serotonin, L-Tryptophan is the precursor of 5-HTP. Here, the first advantage of taking 5-HTP opposite L-Tryptophan: one skips a step that massively simplifies and accelerates the production of serotonin, because the first step is with all sorts of complications:

1. The conversion of L-Tryptophan to 5-HTP is subject to many influences

The conversion of L-Tryptophan in 5-HTP can be blocked by many factors, e.g. through various vital substances, high stress hormone levels or strong blood sugar fluctuations. When you skip this step, they handle all these potential risk factors that would be a serotonin formation from L-Tryptophan.

2. The transport of L-Tryptophan to the brain is often a problem

So that L-Tryptophan can become serotonin in the brain, it must also get into the brain - and that is often a problem. Because L-Tryptophan is not the only amino acid that wants to get into the brain. Most of the other amino acids are faster and occupy the transporters through the blood-brain barrier, so that the L-Tryptophan, which is often pending back, no room gets. How toload the other amino acids from the blood-brain barrier to increase the amount of L-tryptophan, which gets into the brain, we have described in the article "SEROTONIn level naturally increase". The corresponding link can be found at the end of the text.

3. L-Tryptophan has many other tasks

The next problem is that L-Tryptophan is not responsible for serotonin production. The amino acid has many other tasks in the body. In fact, only 3 percent of the food recorded L-Tryptophans are to be converted into serotonin.

Serotonin is needed not only in the brain, but also in the rest of the body, z. B. for the regulation of the intestinal peristaltic, the blood vessels and the appetite. For all these tasks, 95 percent of total serotonins are needed. It is therefore clear that most of the small amount of L-tryptophan, which is available for serotonin production, is also used for the formation of body's own serotonin. There is often not much left for the formation of serotonin in the brain. For this reason, the purchase of 5-HTP is worth this to compensate for this deficiency. You also get it z.B in the drugstore DM.

Unfortunately, the blood-brain barrier is not permeable to body's serotonin. The brain must therefore always produce the required serotonin.

Of course, it is also possible to sell this product in business to business. A so-called B2B model is usually very lucrative and stands on more range.

5-HTP is converted to almost 100 percent in serotonin

Unlike L-Tryptophan, 5-HTP has one more task, namely to be transformed into serotonin. This means that almost 100 percent of the 5-HTP occupied is actually converted into serotonin. The intake of 5-HTP seems to be a seductively simple means to increase serotonin levels and to adopt problems such as depression, mood swings and anxiety for all times. But also here there are some factors to consider:

Foods contain almost no 5-HTP - HTP Buy DM

While you have your L-tryptophan feed z. B. can be easily controlled by your diet (by eating more L-tryptophan-rich foods such as nuts, cereals, legumes, peanuts), this is not the case with 5-HTP. This is because 5-HTP is not included in the food.

Unripe bananas - but only certain banana sites - should contain certain, not further defined amounts of 5-HTP. However, we do not know if it is the bananas available in our supermarkets and what immature degree they must have, so that a HTP supply with bananas does not appear realistic. Looking for where to buy HTP DM choose us.

The effects of 5-HTP

In the seeds of an African plant, the African black bean (Griffonia simplicifolia), exceptionally high 5-HTP levels have been discovered and since then this plant is used as a raw material for the production of isolated 5-HTP preparations. These preparations are currently the only way to get specifically relevant amounts of 5-HTP - by the way not only to combat depression. There are other applications for 5-HTP, such as sleep disorders, overweight, hot flashes in menopause, fibromyalgia or migraine. For the reasons mentioned, the purchase of 5-HTP products is often worthwhile, as these are often a good alternative to medicines and you can buy them in drug stores, e.g. DM. In our shop you can high quality Buy HTP And we also sell wholesale.

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