Where can you buy Vitamin D3 K2?

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  1. D3: Much more than a vitamin

In a nutshell

  • The vital vitamin D meets many functions in your body. Among other things, it ensures healthy bones and teeth, strengthens your immune system and regulates the function of your muscle movements.
  • As "sunevitamin" it takes a special position among the vitamins. The intake of vitamin D is mainly possible by sunlight and less through the food.
  • So that your skin can synthesize sufficient vitamin D from the UV-B radiation of the sun, some requirements must be fulfilled.

The sun hormone vitamin D.

Vitamin D belongs next to the vitamins A, K and E to the fat-soluble vitamins. In contrast to water-soluble vitamins, your body can store the fat-soluble shapes. Especially liver and fatty tissue are the locations of these vitamins. For a better recording of fat-soluble vitamins, you should therefore take sufficient fat. Best of healthy fat sources like vegetable oil. But also full-fledy vegetable fat sources such as avocados, olives and nuts as well as oilseeds are excellent.

But be careful: Vitamin D occupies a special position compared to the other fat-soluble vitamins. It is very difficult or hardly possible to absorb enough vitamin D about the food. The salary of this vitamin in the few foods that are available to us is too low.

The majority of the vitamin D cover through the body's own production over the skin - this is only activated by the sunlight, the UV-B light. So we should balance it with dietary supplements and draw the purchase of vitamin D3 in consideration.

The most important functions of the sun's priority

Without vitamin D nothing would work in her body. Because it is crucial for bone metropolitan interaction, the vitamin is an important prerequisite for strong bones and their entire skeletal system. In addition, the sun hormone supports the recording and recycling of calcium and phosphorus, which also helps to help stable bone drills. If they have too little vitamin D, there is a risk that their bones become thin and brittle. Studies have shown that sufficient vitamin D conversely even osteoporosis can prevent, especially in combination with calcium

However, when it came to lowering the overall temporality, regular intake of vitamin D3 could significantly reduce them. That's exactly what was not the case with a consistent vitamin D2 gift. Therefore, physicians for a general recommendations for taking vitamin D3 pleads.

Buy high-dose vitamin D3 and K2

Vitamin K2: indispensable for the inclusion of vitamin D.

In a nutshell

  • Vitamin K is particularly important for blood clotting and bone metabolism in your body. It is still under the radar in the subject discussion, but in combination with vitamin D it is very up-to-date.
  • Vitamin K is in two forms. The vitamians K1 and K2 are summarized under the collective term of the Menachinone. While K1 occurs in plants, K2 is formed by bacteria in its intestine.
  • The combination of vitamin D3 and K2 is very effective in its organism. In particular, it supports a healthy bone metabolism.

Vitamin K is like Vitamin D a fat-soluble vitamin that occurs in various forms:

  • While vitamin K1 (phyllochinone or phyllochinone) occurs in green plants and their fruits,
  • Will vitamin K2 (Menachinone or Menachinone) formed in the intestine.

K2 contrast to K1 is the much more stable form. It includes Cazehn to 50 percent of the vitamin K needs in your body. However, only certain bacteria produce in their microbiom Menachinon in the intestine. Therefore, the supply of vitamin K2 may be different from person to person and, depending on the composition of the body's intestinal flora and bacterial variety, it may be different. Your remaining need for vitamin K then covers your organism over the food and in the form of K1. In addition, you can compensate for the vitamin K2 lack fantastic with the purchase of supplements.


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