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What is the recommended dose of vitamin K2 and D3?

The recommended supply of the individual nutrients is determined according to scientific criteria and ratified by various international organizations. In the vitamins K2 and D3, various variables such as age, gender and the special health of the individual are considered in the recommended daily dose (RDA).

In the case of vitamin D3, the RDA can be quantified in the form of international units (IU), a parameter that measures the degree of biological activity in nanogram (NG) or microgram (μg). The RDA for vitamin K2 is measured in micrograms. The following table allows you to read the RDA for each of these substances:

Who is affected by a lack of vitamin K2 and D3?

K2 and D3 is a must for people over 60 years

The ability to pick up these vitamins, store and synthesize, decreases with age.

People with night shifts, office workers and students: their sun exposure is less than recommended to keep the vitamin D3 mirror in healthy limits.

Dark-skinned people: Skin with more melanine absorbs the sunbeams and hinders the formation of vitamin D3.

Vegan and vegetarian

Cholecalciferol and Menachinon are difficult to find in a herbal diet, which increases the likelihood of a lack of any of these nutrients.

People who often use sunscreen: By blocking the ultraviolet radiation, the formation of vitamin D3 is inhibited.

People with chronic bowel diseases should take more vitamin K2 and D3

The absorption of all vitamins (including D3 and K2) is impaired in malabsorption (as in colitis ulcerosa or crohn's disease).

People who are often treated with antibiotics: Useful intestinal bacteria contribute to the absorption of vitamin K2. Their destruction affects the content of this vitamin.

People drinking alcohol in excess: This oxidizing substance inhibits the absorption of vitamin K2 and hinders its functions.

Which foods are rich in vitamin K2?

The vitamin K2 content in animal products depends high from the food that the animals have received during their rearing. Eggs of outdoor chickens have a higher vitamin K2 salary as eggs of chickens from cages.

Fermented feed, which are rich in Menachinon, should be cooled and properly stored so that the vitamin K2 contained therein is not affected. The following table contains a list of foods that are rich in vitamin K2, both animal and fermented origin:

Purchase criteria for vitamin K2 and D3

We give you some purchase criteria to the hand that will help you to select a vitamin D3 and K2 preparation that meets your needs. The following list contains the most important aspects of this type of product that you should not ignore if you want to buy a high quality product.

  • Allergens
  • Vegan or vegetarian diet
  • Minerals
  • dosage
  • Good value for money
  • Form of administration


In exceptional cases, it can lead to allergic reactions due to the intake of vitamin D3 and K2 preparations. In general, the hypersensitivity symptoms are due to any of the excipients in the article. Check very carefully the ingredients of your product if you have an intolerance to any component such as gluten or lactose.

Vegan or vegetarian diet

It is difficult to find vegan vitamin D3 and K2 preparations. Cholecalciferol is a compound that occurs almost exclusively in animal foods. Therefore, many vegans and vegetarians prefer a supplement with vitamin D2, which can be obtained from vegetable sources.

Recently, some vitamin D3 and K2 preparations suitable for vegans are surfaced. According to the manufacturer, the cholecalciferol is derived from specially breeded mushrooms or lichens specifically for this purpose. This could be a good option for those who do not want to do without a nutritional supplement.


The combination of vitamin D3 and K2 has mixed the scene of the dietary supplements. These two molecules form an incomparable team that brings all advantages of cholecalciferol with themselves and at the same time limits its side effects. Its antioxidant effect makes this supplement to an indispensable element.

If you follow our advice, you can get the most out of your K2 and D3 preparation. A wise use of this product will protect your bones and their cardiovascular system at the same time and enable you an active and disease-free life over many years. Keep an eye on this wonderful supplement!