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If you are interested in taking supplements, you is the debate about vitamin D3 k2 known for sure. Although this nutrient is very beneficial to the health of bones and tissues, his opponents are warning that continued D3 supply medium can weaken the health of the blood vessels to long term.

About Vitamin D3 and K2

Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol is a form of vitamin D, which is found in foods of animal origin. It is also synthesized by the action of sunlight.

Some studies have established a link between excessive consumption of vitamin D supplements and harmful calcium deposits in the blood vessels.

Vitamin K2, which was previously only recognized as an essential element for blood clotting, hardening of the arteries can prevent and improve the safety of vitamin D3 preparations.

The best vitamin D3 and K2 supplements on the market

The boom in vitamin D3 and K2 preparations makes it difficult to find the perfect product. In this guide, we have selected the best vitamin D3 and K2 products for 2021-2022. If your doctor has recommended supplementation with these vitamins, you will be more than satisfied.

Which function vitamins d3 and k2?

Vitamin D3 and k2Which are absorbed by ingestion or exposure to sunlight, enter the bloodstream. There, it is converted by the liver and kidneys in its active form (calcitriol) and the body is available as needed. Its key features are summarized in the following list:

  • Increased intestinal calcium absorption.
  • Control of phosphorus and calcium levels in the kidney
  • Formation of new bone
  • Protection of neuronal tissue from aging
  • Regulating mood
  • Regulation of hormone production (estrogen and testosterone)
  • appetite control
  • Strengthen teeth
  • Replacement of damaged bone tissue
  • Development of muscle contraction
  • Reduction of blood pressure
  • Controlling inflammation
  • Strengthening immunity

99% of the data stored in the body of vitamin D are used to regulate the calcium level in the tissues. The remaining 1% is used as an essential cofactor for the production of various processes that are important for the well being of the body such. As the weight of regulation and the development of strong muscles.

What is the relationship between vitamin D3 and K2?

Vitamin D3 and k2 calcium absorption and mineralization of bones and teeth promote. However, some experts fear that very high vitamin D and calcium levels can lead to calcium deposits in inappropriate places such. As on the walls of blood vessels and kidneys.

At the same time it activates a set of proteins that are very similar to the present in bone and tooth tissue calcium. Thus, the amount of deposited in bone mineral is increased and the concentration of calcium, which can impair the function of other organs is reduced.

For this reason, many nutrition experts consider these vitamins to be synergistic, d. H. they can interact and strengthen their positive effects. Vitamin K2 allows the vitamin D3, its effect to unfold, while preventing the adverse effects of excessive supplementation with this substance.

What problems can cause an imbalance of vitamin D3 and K2?

The effects of vitamin D3 deficiency usually develop slowly and cause a non-specific feeling of fatigue and malaise. If this condition is not resolved, problems occur in the metabolism of calcium and other minerals that lead to osteoporosis, joint pain and bone and muscle injuries.

Problems resulting from a vitamin K2 deficiency additionally affect the coagulation of the body. In the smallest touch, there are blue patches, wounds or bleeding (eg gum bleeding after brushing teeth). In women, the menstruation becomes very strong and it takes a long time until it disappears.

On the other hand, the vitamin D3 mirror remains high, while the vitamin K2 mirror drops, calcium from the food or dietary supplements is rather deposited in the arteries, resulting in hypertension and the heart and kidneys slowly damages, but creeping.

Vitamin K2 is much harder to procure, especially if you eat "west" (eg Mediterranean diet). This nutrient is contained in small quantities in animal products such as goose liver or eggs of freeiling chickens. In fermented foods like Natto and some cheeses, he is more richer.

Who should take a vitamin D3 and K2 preparation?

Since a large percentage of the population is insufficient Vitamin D3 or Vitamin K2 mirror has, some nutritionists advise for supplementation for all. Other experts are more restrained and recommend additional care with these vitamins only for people belonging to one of the following groups:

  1. Over 50 years old
  2. Vegan or strict vegetarian
  3. People with limited exposure to sunlight
  4. Women after menopause, especially if they suffer from a loss of bone density
  5. Obesome people
  6. People who have undergone a bariatric surgery or intestinal resection
  7. People with cardiovascular problems (high blood pressure, heart failure)
  8. People who feed themselves very restrictive or unbalanced.
  9. People with renal insufficiency

The combination of Vitamin D3 and K2 Especially benefits those who have occurred in the family or personal history cardiac events associated with arterial calcium deposits. In this case, vitamin K2 acts as a protective element that prevents the deposition of arterial calcium that can be caused by the D3 supplementation. Buying vitamin D3 and K2 in high doses in our shop.

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