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Differences between D3 + k2 + d2?

There are important differences between vitamin D2 and vitamin D3, we need to know in detail. Thanks to these differences, we will be able to figure out why D3 is the most active form of vitamin D in the human body:

Origin: D2 comes from plant foods such as fungi, plants or fortified foods. D3, however, comes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and from foods of animal origin.

Activation of vitamin D: D2 increases the active vitamin D in the body moderately. D3, however, the active vitamin D levels doubled compared to other forms.

Vegan dietary supplements of vitamin D3?

Vegan vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 supplements are available. In the latter case, only in the form of preparations in fungal or lichen basis.

Absorption: The absorption is in both types of vitamin D high.

Toxicity: Finally, both forms can be toxic this micronutrient only in extremely high amounts in the body.

In short, vitamin D3 is the most active form in the human body, and therefore the one that is recommended by experts in the field of dietetics and other health-related aspects most.

What is vitamin D3?

Most vitamin D vitamin supplements consist mainly of vitamin D3, which is considered by experts as the most active form of this micronutrient.

Vitamin D3 is thus a fat-soluble substance that accumulates in the fatty tissue of the body. It is treated by many experts as a hormone.

As already mentioned, is D3 animal origin in food. Fish, eggs and fortified dairy products are a good source of this form of vitamin D. Nutrition is an essential complement to sunlight to provide optimum levels to achieve this micronutrient.

Vitamin D3 is deemed to be the most active form of vitamin D. However, both D2 and D3 are considered as the most active form. However, both D2 and D3 follow the same activation pathway in the body.

Until recently, the main difference between the two forms of vitamin D was therefore in their origin, but it has been shown that cholecalciferol is more effective than ergocalciferol.

Before we look at the differences between the two, it must be noted that there are up to five different types of vitamin D. The most important, however, D2 and D3.

What functions does the vitamin K2?

Vitamin K functions in any of its forms as a cofactor or molecule that is involved in blood clotting processes. In addition, it acts as a metabolic regulator, and antioxidant protection against various types of cancer (especially colon and breast cancer) and dementia.

In addition, vitamin K2 has a number of characteristics that seem to be peculiar to this substance. Below is a comparative table with the functions of all forms of vitamin K on the one hand and the particular features of menaquinone other.

Vitamin K2 was until relatively recently a bit of examined nutrient. Before its positive effects can be confirmed officially, more evidence is needed. Still deliver the latest experiments very promising data which support the assumption that vitamin K2 is an essential nutrient for the health.

What is the price range for vitamin D3 and K2 supplements?

The cost of vitamin D3 and K2 supplements are slightly higher than for pure cholecalciferol preparations and are about 20 euros per can. Most of these products contain a sufficient amount to three or more months to supplement, so that these preparations have a good money value.

100% vegan dietary supplements, products that contain other vitamins, minerals or plant extracts, and products of well-known brands are a bit more expensive. However, it is possible to find offers and promotions that make this nutritional supplement for a limited time to a much cheaper option.

The most important about vitamin D3 and K2

Vitamin D controls the calcium intake and the formation of a healthy skeleton. Our body can synthesize the most vitamin D through solar radiation.

Further vitamin D sources are certain foods (such as fish) and dietary supplements.

A vitamin D deficiency leads to growth disturbances in children (Rachitis). In adults, he leads to osteoporosis and increases the occurrence of metabolic, heart and neurological diseases.

The best vitamin D3 preparations on the market

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