Shipping and redemption
Your shipping packaging

Packages are usually delivered 2 days after receipt of payment with GLS with order tracking and delivery.
We will send you a link for order tracking regardless of which delivery method you choose.

The shipping costs include loading and packaging fees as well as the postage costs.
The loading fees are fixed, with transport costs fluctuate, depending on the total weight of the package.
We advise you to combine several articles within an order.
We can not merge two different orders, and the shipping costs are calculated separately for each order.
Your package will be sent to your risk, but fragile goods will be treated very carefully.

Delivery after receipt of payment in Germany 2-4 working days
Delivery after payment in Europe 2-7 business days

The shipping boxes are far cut and their goods are packed well protected.

DE,PL,LT,LV,ES             5,0 eur.
CZ,SK,AT,NL,DK,BE      7,7 eur.
HR,HU,GB,LU               9 eur
SI,BG,PT,IT,FR             10 eur.
RO,ES,SE,IE,LI             12 eur.
GR                             15 eur.

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