Vitamin D3 effect

How long does it take for vitamin D3 to have its effect?


Vitamin D3 is a form of vitamin D that belongs to the fat -soluble vitamins. Although it is inactive, the body spontaneously converts it into vitamin D under the influence of sunlight. The epidermis of the skin is the place of this reaction.


What does vitamin D3 do in the body?

Vitamin D3 supports the calcium homöostasis in the body. It not only supports calcium intake from the intestine, but is also involved in the subsequent recycling of the calcium in the bones by ossification. Vitamin D3 is also used by vitamin K2 supports.


Due to changes in its primary structure, vitamin D3 forms the calcitriol, which regulates not only the calcium but also the phosphate level in the serum. It has been found that it is also involved in the control of the magnesium intake through the cells.


Lack of vitamin D3


Since vitamin D3 is part of the integral homeostatic mechanisms of the body, a lack of vitamin D in the serum affects numerous important reactions. A vitamin D level of less than 12 nanograms per milliliter indicates a defect, in contrast to the normal range of 20ng/ml-50NG/ml.


A lack of vitamin D manifests itself in general weakness and lethargy.

The bone density decreases significantly, which can lead to rachitis and adults to osteomalacia in children, especially in women after menopause and in geriatric patients.


Why a lack of vitamin D3 is common


Since vitamin D3 comes exclusively from animals, its sources are limited. In addition, only a few animal foods have a sufficient content of this vitamin. This includes fish such as tuna and salmon, beef and even cheese. Fish oils are also a good source.


In vegetarians, a vitamin D3 deficiency can occur, but many foods available on the market contain vitamin D3 to support nutrition. This includes milk and grain products.


Dietary supplements for vitamin D3


A general vitamin D deficiency or a lack of vitamin D3 due to inadequate sunlight is treated with dietary supplements for vitamin.

Both vitamin D3 supplement capsules and syrups are available on the market.


Vitamin D3 20000 I.E.


Vitamin D3 20000 I.E. capsules People with a deficiency are recommended to bring the vitamin D3 serum mirror back to a normal level. Patients with diseases such as osteoporosis have found that they Vitamin D3 20000 I.E. benefit strongly. A significant improvement has also occurred in psoriasis and other skin problems.


An overdose of vitamin D is dangerous because it causes toxicity. Hypervitaminosis can lead to hypercalcemia and ossification of the soft tissues.


How long does it take for vitamin D3 to have its effect?


Vitamin D is administered in the event of a deficiency, and with regular supplementation with vitamin D3, patients recover within a few months. However, the most important factor for the duration of the effect of vitamin D3 depends on how severe the lack of vitamin D3 in your body is actually.


The more serious the deficiency is, the more time your body will need to overcome it. Your body will take longer to overcome the symptoms of the defect. But be sure to stick to the prescribed dose; Overdosing can easily lead to poisoning.


Vitamin D3 supplement during pregnancy and breastfeeding


For pregnant women and breastfeeding women, a vitamin D3 supplement is strongly recommended, since daily food rarely covers the vitamin D requirement. Allergies and interactions between medication must be examined before taking nutritional supplements.


Vitamin D3 and postpartum depression


Even after pregnancy, studies have shown that supplementation with vitamin D3 has a positive effect. The connection between depression and vitamin D3 deficiency has long been researched. Taking vitamin D3 after birth helps with depression and strengthens health.


Although a vitamin D3 deficiency does not occur very often, it must be monitored and kept in chess. Your doctor can prescribe dietary supplements that are available in different forms, from capsules to chewing tablets to syrup and even in the form of a solution.


The recovery of a defect can take a few months depending on the severity of the condition. However, an overdose must be avoided to avoid poisoning.





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