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100 x Vitamin D3 20000 I.e 9000 capsules

100 x Vitamin D3 20000 I.e 9000 capsules

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100 x vitamin D3 20000 I.E 9000 capsules


- 100 x packs with 90 capsules (9000 capsules).

- Over 20,000 IU high -quality vitamin D3 per capsule.

- Ideal for bones, skin, brain and immune system.

- No artificial ingredients.

- Highest quality and purity.

-100% money-back guarantee.

Facts for nutritional supplements:

- Insurance: 1 capsule every 20 days.

- Portation per container: 9000 capsules.

- Quantity per serving: 20,000 iu.


Vitamin D3 20000 IU capsules


Vitamin D3 20000 IU is a capsule -shaped dietary supplement with vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 20000 is extremely important for your bones, teeth and your immune system, since the vitamin is responsible for regulating the calcium metabolism in your body. This product of vitamin D3 20000 IU helps your body to absorb calcium, strengthens the body's immune functions to combat infections and viruses. It is used as a dietary supplement for people who do not absorb enough vitamin D with their diet to get good health.


Why should you choose vitamin D3 20000 IU?


Security of the product: long service life. With airtight closure, we guarantee the freshness of our product. Multiple packs with 90 vitamin D3 20,000 tablets.

High doses: Each capsule contains 20,000 iU natural vitamin D3 made of high -quality ingredients.

More use: This dose of vitamin D3 20000 IU is the ideal choice for you to get an optimal level of vitamin D in your body.

Money-back guarantee: Our satisfaction guarantee gives you unrestricted right of return and you will receive your money back.


What are the most important advantages of vitamin D3 20000?


Protects against osteoporosis:

- Important for the preservation of bone strength and to prevent osteoporosis.

- Vitamin D supports the intake of calcium from food through the intestine.

Strengthens and improves immunity:

-Improves immune function in the body through vitamin D receptors that are in most cells of the immune system.

- This helps combat infections and viruses.

Strong teeth and bones:

- It helps the body to absorb calcium and supports the muscles to avoid weakness.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding:

- During pregnancy and lactation, mothers need large amounts of calcium to pass it on to the fetus and even to the infant. Otherwise, the child is exposed to a vitamin deficiency, and the likelihood of curvature or fragility can increase.


How to treat vitamin D3 20000 IE vitamin D deficiency?


If you suffer from these symptoms, this means that you may have a vitamin D deficiency:

- Chronic fatigue.

- Constant pain in different body regions.

- Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

- Osteoporosis.

- Increased risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure.

The causes of vitamin D deficiency include the following:

- malnutrition.

- too little sunlight

- Reduced ability to absorb vitamin D in the intestine.

- With increasing age, the efficiency of the in -house production of vitamin D decreases.

- liver diseases.

- kidney failure.

- Genetic diseases that affect the production of vitamin D.


How does vitamin D3 2000IU help with vitamin D deficiency?


If you suffer from vitamin D deficiency, it is normal for your doctor to suggest vitamin D3 2000iu capsules when you see that you need it to compensate for the deficiency. Vitamin D can be given to you to protect against osteoporosis, even if you have no vitamin D deficiency.


Important information about vitamin D deficiency


-Due to the importance of this vitamin in the body and its active role in many vital processes, vitamin D deficiency is the main cause of many common diseases.

-A vitamin D deficiency may not cause any symptoms, and it can take several years before it occurs.

-A vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk for many health problems.

-Sailing 15 to 20 minutes every day and a healthy, balanced diet that is rich in vitamin D sources such as fat fish, egg yolk and liver, helps your body cover the need on this vitamin.

- If you notice any signs or symptoms, don't hesitate to see your doctor.

-He will carry out the necessary tests to measure the vitamin D level in your body and prescribe the appropriate treatment if you have a vitamin D deficiency diagnosed.




- Keep out of reach of children.

- If an undesirable reaction occurs, end the intake and consult your doctor.

- Pregnant or breastfeeding women, diabetics, patients with hypoglycaemia and people with well -known diseases and/or medication should consult your doctor before taking nutritional supplements.

100 x vitamin D3 2000iu Super strong 9000 capsule high dose 20,000iu via capsules. Vitamin D3 20,000I.E. 9000 capsules 500UG. 10,000% 100% Natural GMO Free top price 100% money-back guarantee


Vitamin D3 2000i.E Super strong 9000 capsules high -dosed 20,000i.e by capsules. Vitamin D3 20,000i.E 500UG. 1000% 100% Natural GMO Free top price 100% money-back guarantee Vitamin D-deficiency in the dark season in cloudy, dark winter we rarely have the opportunity to recharge the sun. This is not only bad for our mood, but also for health, because sunlight is our most important vitamin D source. At least 60 percent of Germans have far too little vitamin D in the blood in the months of October to April, as studies show. Strong formula - our vitamin D3 capsules with 20,000iu formula with double strength - our 20,000 IU consumption recommendation: 1 capsule daily with a glass of water for a meal. ATTENTION: For great amount of vitamin D can be harmful, we recommend regular vitamin D controls to ensure that your vitamin D is at an optimal level. We always recommend seeing your doctor before taking nutritional supplements. Dietary supplements cannot be used as food or medicine

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