100 x Vitamin D3 K2 10000i.e 36000 tablets

100 x Vitamin D3 K2 10000i.e 36000 tablets

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100 x Vitamin D3 10,000 I.E + Vitamin K2 200 MCG 36000 tablets


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100 x Vitamin D3 + K2 10.000IE

  • Excellent value for money: 36000 tablets per can, combination product, per tablet 10000 I.e. Vitamin D3 + 200 μg Vitamin K2 Menaquinon 7 - MK7, guaranteed all-trans content of at least 99 +%.
  • Production & Your Satisfaction: The Future Nutrition Assortment includes numerous dietary supplements at a fair price-performance ratio. All products are made of high-quality premium raw materials and exclusively in certified EU companies. Our production sites include Germany. If you are not satisfied with our product, or need help and advice, please contact us.

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