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2 x Vitamin D3 20000 I.e + K2 MK7 200 MCG super strong

2 x Vitamin D3 20000 I.e + K2 MK7 200 MCG super strong

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Natural vegan vitamin D from lichen - 20,000 IE + K2 200MCG.

2 x Vitamin D3 20000i.e + K2 200MCG. 360 tablets

Vitamin D3 is one of the most prevalent nutrients. His relevance to our organism, starting with the immune defense, about the bone and muscles to our teeth, was demonstrated in detail in numerous studies. This vitamin has been attracting our attention for over ten years. Our body produces vitamin D3 at sunlight. It is one of the fat-soluble vitamins and can thus be stored in the adipose tissue. According to a thorough and long-term research work, today we can offer our customers high-dose, bioavailable and purely vegan vitamin D3: in a single tablet are 20,000 IE + K2 200MCG. This potent vitamin bundled! Our vitamin D3 has a pronounced deposit effect. Therein lies the advantage of the highly concentrated vitamin D3 tablets: After taking the supply is guaranteed with the essential vitamin for about three weeks - even on sun-senior days.

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