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5 x Vitamin D3 20000i.e 1800 tablets

5 x Vitamin D3 20000i.e 1800 tablets

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Vitamin D3 Depot 20000 I.E. - 360 Vegan tablets - for immune system, bone, teeth and well-being - Sunshine vitamin D - pure cholecalciferol

Highly dosed depot tablets: 20000 IE each 1 tablet, thus get 1000 IE 25 μg, if you take a tablet every 20 days
Effect: Vitamin D3 also known as "Sunshine" or "wellbeing vitamin" can contribute to the following: Conservation of normal bones, normal teeth and a normal function of the immune system, a normal muscle function & recording of calcium
Supports cell division and recording calcium and phosphorus
Small, easy-to-swallowing tablets: We attach great importance to offering you as handy and easy-to-swallowed tablets.


  • 10,000 IE (250 μg) Vitamin D3 per tablet
  • Natural, Vegetarian Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
  • 5 x 360 tablets
  • Only 1 tablet every 20 days
  • Vitamin D3 Depot 20,000 IE Tablets

    Vitamin D is essential when it comes to building strong bones and teeth. But did you know that the main source of vitamin D is not always the food? It's the sun! Unfortunately, the sun does not seem all the time and some days we will not get a sunlight. So your body may not always get the amount of vitamin D he needs. Vitamin D3 is the strongest and bioavailar form compared to D2. What is vitamin D3? Vitamin D are fat-soluble vitamins that are converted to the active hormone calcitriol in the liver and the kidneys. We differ in vitamin D2 and D3, where D2 becomes D3 in the body. Vitamin D3 can be stored in the body as a calcifediol. Why do we need vitamin D3? Vitamin D3 is very important for the recording of calcium and phosphate from the intestine. It affects the bone metabolism and bone mineralization. Vitamin D3 also supports the normal preservation of muscles and teeth. Especially in children and adolescents, a sufficient supply of vitamin D3 is important for normal bone growth. In older people, in turn it helps against a possible muscle weakness and bone instability and thus reduces the risk of falling. Vitamin D3 is also involved in numerous metabolic processes, as it is responsible for the formation of proteins and genes. The additional recording of vitamin K2 supports the positive properties of vitamin D3.

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