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Ashwagandha with melatonin 365 tablets - the best combination for quick relaxation

Ashwagandha with melatonin 365 tablets - the best combination for quick relaxation

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"Ashwagandha with melatonin 365 tablets" is a dietary supplement that combines an Ashwagandha plant extract with a melatonin supplement. This product is intended to help people improve their sleep quality, to cope with stress and compensate for their sleep-wake rhythm.


Ashwagandha with melatonin 365 tablets is a specially developed addition to find a harmony between her emotional well -being and healthy sleep. This combination enables you to use the properties of both ingredients in a dietary supplement.


-** Ashwagandha plant extract: ** Ashwagandha extract in this formula is a natural adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress and maintain the emotional balance. This herb can help reduce fatigue, improve your general well -being and help you relax.

- ** Melatonin: ** The melatonin contained in the product is an excellent choice for everyone who has difficulty sleeping or sleeping. It helps to regulate the sleep-wake rhythm by signaling the body when it should start preparing for sleep.


It is recommended to take 1 tablet of the dietary supplement "Ashwagandha with melatonin" with a glass of water in the evening before going to bed. It is important to consult your doctor before taking this dietary supplement, especially if you already take other medication or have health problems.

** Packing size: **

A pack contains 365 tablets, which ensures long -term application and convenience.

Ashwagandha with melatonin 365 tablets was developed to support their emotional and physical well -being, compensate for their sleep cycle and improve their general sleep quality. The product is recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes the right nutrition, movement and healthy sleep practices.
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