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Vitamin D3 20000 + K2 200mcg.Vegan

Vitamin D3 20000 + K2 200mcg.Vegan

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MultiLent Vitamin D:
for bones, muscles and immune system

Vitamin D is a real all-rounder that has a key function for our health. It is involved in countless metabolic processes and contributes to a normal function of immune system and muscles in our body as well as the preservation of normal bone:

Vitamin D3 20000i.e + K2 200MCG. 90 tablets

  • Bone health: Vitamin D contributes to the preservation of normal bones. It contributes to a normal recording of calcium and supports normal calcium levels in the blood. Therefore, vitamin D is also referred to as "built-in helper".
  • Immune system: The normal function of the immune system can also be significantly influenced by the vitamin. Because sufficient in the body present it can support the body's own defenses.
  • Muscle function: The fat-soluble vitamin D is equally essential for our muscles as it contributes to the preservation of the normal muscle function - which contributes among other things to a secure gear.
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