Vitamin D oder Vitamin d3?

Vitamin D or Vitamin D3?

Should I take vitamin D or vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 10000 IE

Vitamin D3 1000 IE contributes to maintaining a normal bone, dental and muscle function. Vitamin D3 plays a role in the process of cell division and is useful for the normal absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D3 contributes to maintaining a normal calcium level in the blood. It also helps to reduce the risk of falls caused by poor posture and muscle weakness. Falls are a risk factor for broken bones in men and women between the ages of over 60. There are further advantages:
  • Some studies have proven that Vitamin D3 10000 He helps with the treatment of some types of cancer.
  • Vitamin D3 stimulates the pancreas of producing more insulin, which means that the blood sugar level can be better controlled.
  • Vitamin D3 lowers the concentration of Renin, an enzyme released by the kidneys that influences the blood vessels and leads to high blood pressure.
  • Vitamin D3 helps with kidney diseases.
  • An excess of vitamin D3 can help to progress certain tumors, such as: B. prostate tumors to slow down.
  • Vitamin D3 also contributes to the fact that calcium is absorbed in the body and fixed in the bones, which protects the body from osteoporosis.
  • Taking vitamin D3 in cold places where there is no sunlight relieves the symptoms of depression.
  • Vitamin D3 is used to prevent and treat rachitis and osteomalacia.
  • Vitamin D3 can be taken together with other drugs for the treatment of a low calcium and phosphate mirror.

Vitamin D3 10000 IE Daily dose

  • Take vitamin D3 10000 IE a day, one capsule per day.
  • You should drink a lot of water.
  • Vitamin D3 tablets should preferably be taken with the food.
  • Before taking vitamins of all kinds, you should consult your doctor.
Some people wonder: "Does the use of vitamin D3 lead to weight gain?" Studies have proven that vitamin D3 is soluble in the accumulated fats and is distributed in the body, which slows down the weight gain and reduces the frequency of obesity. But a healthy diet must be observed, although the main goal of the vitamin D3 capsules is not to lose weight. So, vitamin D3 10000 IE seems to be the best choice for you. Consider vitamin D3 K2 20000 IE. Vitamin D3 K2 20000 is a combination of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. This pairing is one of the fastest growing and most successful products. In addition to the advantages of vitamin D3, you can also use the advantages of vitamin K2 that promotes bone and heart health by activating two proteins that compensate for the calcium balance in the body. It also has a great ability to reduce the risk of cancer. It also protects against insomnia and depression. High blood sugar leads to depression, insomnia and cognitive impairments, because it has been shown that taking vitamin K2 can reduce blood sugar and thus eliminate depression and anxiety. Vitamin K2 plays an important role in preserving dental health. Vitamin K2 stimulates osteocalcin, a protein that stimulates tooth growth. So it is a great combination of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, and a very good choice for you.

Should I take vitamin D or vitamin D3?

After all, vitamin D3 is more effective than vitamin D, and has more advantages. So you should take vitamin D3 as a supplement. Take a look at vitamin D3 10000 IE, D3 30000, vitamin D3 K2 20000, vitamin D 30000 IE. These will be the right choice for you.

Vitamin D (D2) Ergocalciferol:

Vitamin D (D2) Ergocalciferol is contained in mushrooms and some types of fish oil or is synthesized from ergosterol. It is used as a source of food for vitamin D and the treatment of hypocalcaemia, hypophosphatemia, rachitis and osteochondrosis that are associated with various diseases. A sufficient supply of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus is essential for the structure of healthy and strong bones. Therefore, Ergocalciferol is used as a dietary supplement for vitamin D deficiency. There are some advantages:
  • Vitamin D (D2) Ergocalciferol is used together with calcium to treat or prevent osteoporosis.
  • Treatment of low calcium or phosphorus values ​​caused by certain diseases, such as hypoparathyroidism, family hypophosphatemia, hypophosphatemia due to fanconi syndrome.
  • Rachitis treatment.
  • Treatment of the osteomalacia.
  • Ergocalciferol can be used in some kidney diseases to maintain normal calcium and bone growth.
  • Infants are administered that are mainly breastfed because breast milk usually contains a small amount of vitamin D.


You should not take ergocalciferol if you have shown an allergic reaction to vitamin D or the following:
  • A high vitamin D level in your body (hypervitaminosis D).
  • Hypersensitivity to one of the components.
  • High calcium values ​​in the blood (hypercalcemia)
  • Any disease that makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients from food (paint absorption).
Inform your doctor if you have ever had one of the following diseases:
  • Heart diseases.
  • Kidney disease.
  • An imbalance of the electrolytes.
Use only the recommended dose of Ergocalciferol. Overdose can lead to severe or life -threatening side effects. Ask your doctor if you have allergies, diabetes or phenylketonuria (PKU) before taking ergocalciferol. Too much vitamin D can harm the unborn child, their dose requirement can vary during pregnancy. Do not give ergocalciferol to a child without medical advice. The medicine can pass into breast milk and cause side effects in the breastfed child. Find your doctor if you breastfeed. The dose for your child depends on age, weight, nutrition and other factors.
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