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5 x Vitamin D3 + K2 MK7 20,000 IE + 200 μg All Trans

5 x Vitamin D3 + K2 MK7 20,000 IE + 200 μg All Trans

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  • 5 x Vitamin D3 20000i.e + K2 200MCG. 1800 tablets
  • Vitamin D3 with the important active partner Vitamin K2 as a practical mixture
  • High-dose: Pro tablet full 20,000 IE D3 and 200μg K2
  • Ideal for rapid filling of body storage
  • Premium D3 from Lanolin (vegetarian) as a high purity special production
  • Premium K2 MK7 All-Trans (Vegan, Soya)
  • K2 100% as MK7 all-trans - by far the most effective form of vitamin K2
  • With high quality MCT oil from coconut directly bioactive for optimal recording
  • Unique purity - no hidden additives (no synth. Vitamin E, ascorbypalmitat, palm oil)
  • Highly dosing for taking every 20 days
  • Guaranteed without genetic engineering and self-cloning
  • Nutritional values

    Per 20 daily dose
    (1 tablet)

    NRV *
    Vitamin D3

    20,000 I.E. (500 MCG)

    10.000 %

    Vitamin K2

    200 MCG

    267 %

  • Vitamin D3 Tablets Effect & Application

    All our physical activities build on a strong foundation. Bones, teeth and muscles do a daily work. Hook it in one of these systems, so we can not retrieve the usual performance. To prevent this, a balanced intake of all important nutrients is essential.

    The vitamin D (Calciferol) is one of these nutrients. He is mainly for the preservation of normalBones and teethresponsible. It works closely with the mineral calcium, whose bioavailability can be improved by the use of vitamin D. Together with phosphorus, the vitamin D can also do thatimmune systemand theMusclessupport.

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