Unterschied Vitamin d2 und d3

Difference Vitamin D2 and D3

Difference Vitamin D2 and D3


Doctors often give in vitamin D deficiency Vitamin D2 instead of vitamin D3. It is both types of vitamin D, but there is a difference between them. Both are inactive forms of vitamin D, which the body converts into active vitamin D. But what is the real difference between them?


Difference between vitamin D2 and D3


At first glance, both forms of vitamin D look the same, and a supplementation with one of the two forms makes no big difference. However, both shapes differ, and there is a reason why doctors often prescribe vitamin D2 instead of vitamin D3.


First, vitamin D2 comes from vegetable sources and is called chemically ergocalciferol. It is included in food such as mushrooms and enriched cereals. Vitamin D3, on the other hand, comes from animal sources such as fish and liver. His chemical name is cholecalciferol. Under the influence of sunlight, cholecalciferol is converted into active vitamin D in the skin.


Supplementation for shortage


In the case of a vitamin D shortage in the body, supplementation has proven to be useful with both vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. For a supplementation, both are taken equally well from the small intestine. However, it will surprise that a supplementation with vitamin D3 is better suited to raise the vitamin D serum levels back to a normal level, which poses the first question.


Why are physicians prescribing vitamin D2 instead of vitamin D3?


The question is quite simple: Why are physicians vitamin D2 instead of Vitamin D3Although Vitamin D3 demonstrably raised the vitamin D levels in the blood? Vitamin D2 is much easier to be available on the market than vitamin D3. For this reason, it is cheaper and easier accessible. Therefore, doctors often prescribe vitamin D2 instead of D3 to consider the convenience of their patients.


Availability of Vitamin D2


Vitamin D2 is in many pharmacies in the form of 400, 800, 1000 I.E. and other doses available. Many pharmacies do not even require a written recipe for vitamin D2 preparations. There are also similar dosages for vitamin D3, but availability can be a problem because many companies sell them only to approved providers. In short, it could be more difficult to get to vitamin D3 preparations than on vitamin D2 preparations, although both offer almost the same benefits.


Cases in which vitamin D2 is specially prescribed


For some patients, physicians prescribe vitamin D2, not only because it is easily available. In patients with chronic kidney problems, doctors prefer to prescribe vitamin D2 as vitamin D3. Vitamin D2 is recommended for patients with calcium and phosphorus disorders. Vitamin D2 helps the formation of calcitriol, a hormone, which is mainly responsible for recording and regulating calcium and phosphate in the body.


Vitamin D2: Sources and additions


Vitamin D2, also known as ErgoCalciferol, is not included in many foods. It is widely used as a dietary supplement, but is also artificially added food. Although fungi are a good natural source of vitamin D2, enriched foods such as cereals are the most common sources.


In nutritional supplements, vitamin D2 is not only readily available, but also very reasonably priced. There are many different dosages (mentioned above), but it is also available in many forms that all must be taken orally. It is available as a fluid (syrup), tablets, chewable tablets and waffles.


Interactions between drugs


As with all medicines, you must take into account the possible interactions between your vitamin D2 preparation and other drugs that you may take. GallensäuresesQuestrators, for example, can reduce the vitamin D quantity taken from the intestine. This can be prevented by extending the period between taking the two drugs.


Since other medicines may have a negative impact on their dietary supplements, they should consult their doctor to avoid such situations, and extend the period between ingestion of such medicines or exchange them against medicines that cause less conflicts with their vitamin D2 supplement.




Although both vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 are forms of vitamin D, physicians prescribe vitamin D2 as it is easily available on the market.

Vitamin D2 is available in different forms for oral taking. However, you may need to avoid interactions between drugs to allow the greatest benefit from their vitamin D2 supplementation.



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