Vitamin k2 calcium

Vitamin K2 Calcium

Vitamin K Calcium

Are there side effects in the simultaneous intake of Vitamin D3, K2 and KalziuM? Yes, the simultaneous taking of vitamins and calcium can lead to various health problems.

As a rule, people use this combination of vitamins and calcium to treat low calcium levels in the blood. Calcia deficiency is caused by a lack of calcium -containing foods in diet. In addition, the experts believe that this combination of vitamin D3, K2 and calcium This contributes to getting rid of diseases in connection with low calcium levels such as weak bones, rachitis, hyperparathyroidism, muscle pain, etc. Do you know why the vitamin is contained in this combination because vitamin D3 helps the body to absorb sufficient calcium and phosphorus? The person protects a sufficient amount of phosphorus and calcium from the disease. But sometimes it also causes side effects.


What are the side effects of vitamin D3, K2 and calcium?


The side effects of Vitamin D3, K2 and calcium are listed below

  • nausea

Taking vitamin D3, K2 and calcium together causes nausea. After taking this addition, it causes a reaction in the stomach, which is why vomiting begins after using this combination.

  • constipation

One of the main side effects of vitamin and mineral preparations is constipation. At the same time, taking vitamin D3, K2 and calcium leads to constipation, and people have difficulty having bowel movements.

  • Muscle weakness

The excessive intake of vitamin D3, K2 and calcium leads to muscle weakness.

  • thirst

When people start taking this combination, they feel excessive thirst because they are dehydrated.

  • increased urination

Taking vitamin D3, K2 and calcium leads to increased urine production. In addition, too frequent urination causes dehydration.

  • confused spirit

If you take too much vitamin D3 and K2, this leads to toxicity and the calcium level increases over the recommended value, which leads to a confused spirit.

  • Lack of energy

An overdose of vitamin D3, K2 and calcium leads to fatigue or a low energy level. People feel very tired with an overdose of this vitamins.

  • Irregular heartbeat

The irregular heartbeat is one of the main side effects of vitamin D3, K2 and calcium. Taking too much vitamin D3, K2 and calcium increases our heart rate. An increase in heart rate also increases blood pressure, stimulates blood sugar levels and makes breathing difficult.

  • Extreme headache

The toxicity of this combination causes extreme headaches in people who take daily.

  • Dry mouth

The overdose of these nutritional supplements also causes dehydration of the body. Therefore, the mouth becomes dry.

  • Metallic taste in the mouth

The simultaneous use of these nutritional supplements leads to side effects such as a metallic taste in the mouth.

The combination of this vitamins with calcium leads to various side effects


How can the side effects of vitamin D3, K2 and calcium be avoided?


There is a perfect way to avoid the side effects of vitamin D3, K2 and calcium.

You can take this combination of minerals and vitamins over your mouth.

If your product contains calcium quotation, you can also eat it without food. In addition, you should only take the recommended dose of this combination, as an overdose can lead to serious side effects. You should also ask your doctor about security before taking nutritional supplements.

If you take this nutritional supplement in liquid form, measure the dose properly with a certain measuring device, a spoon or a pipette. Experts recommend not using a household spoon or tablespoon to avoid measuring errors when measuring.

If you take this supplement in a chewable form, chew it slowly and over a longer period of time. If you take this nutritional supplement in the form of a capsule, swallow the capsule carefully.

Experts advise you to share the tablets if they do not have a dividing line as this could increase the side effects.

As a rule, it is asked which magnesium should be taken with vitamin D3 K2 and calcium? You should take magnesium to avoid side effects.


Who shouldn't use this combination of nutritional supplements?


This combination is good for health, but causes problems in people who already suffer from certain diseases, such as

  • Kidney problems
  • heart problems
  • Cancer
  • high calcium level
  • Circulatory problem
  • Disorder of the parathyroid gland


What do vitamin D3, K2 and calcium products do?


Vitamin D3, K2 and calcium are amazing combinations that have many advantages, such as their help in mineralization of teeth and bones. This combination helps the muscles to work properly because it supports the body in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It also helps the body to use calcium.

This combination also helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent various infections. It also takes part in the cell division and increases the test results at a level.



There is no doubt that vitamin D3, K2 and calcium have numerous health benefits, but they also have side effects. If you use them incorrectly or take an additional dose, you will experience your side effects. You will feel fatigue, nausea, heartburn, rapid heartbeat, breathing problems, constipation, headache, extreme thirst, urge to urinate, etc. To avoid all of these side effects, you should use this combination in the right way and only take the recommended amount of vitamin D3, K2 and calcium.

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