Wie viel Vitamin D3 sollten Sie täglich zu sich nehmen?

How much vitamin D3 should you take daily?

How much vitamin D3 should you take daily?


Without sufficient amounts of nutrients in their diet, their diet does not satisfy any purpose, except for saturation. In order to draw the greatest possible benefit from your diet, you should not only pay attention to all nutrients that are necessary for healthy growth, but also that amount of every nutrient is the best.

Vitamin D is such a nutrient that is not only immensely important, but also the amount you should to take deserves the same meaning. While Vitamin D The active shape is taken in an inactive form which the body converts spontaneously into the active shape.

Vitamin D occurs in two inactive forms: Vitamin D2 (designated chemically as ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (designated as cholecalciferol). These are not only the inactive but also the recording forms of vitamin D.

In the following, we will deal with the amount of vitamin D3, which should take you every day to get your health and protect yourself from disease that are due to a lack of vitamin D3 in your body.


How much vitamin D3 should you take daily?


The amount of vitamin D3, which you should take daily, was set by nutritional scientists in a very clear area. According to scientists is a lot of 5000 bis 20,000 I.e. Vitamin D3 best suited for you. Although different age groups and genders have a different daily demand for vitamin D3, this amount can serve as a reference value for more than 90% of the population.


Why do different people need different amounts of vitamin D3?


Different people require different amounts of vitamin D3, as they have a different metabolism. Some people may be physically active, others less. This results in a different demand for all nutrients for the different people, not only to vitamin D3.

The gender and age also have an impact on the amount of vitamin D3 you need. So men need a larger share of vitamin D3 in their diet as women. The reason for this is in the different mass change of men and women.

Even the age is an important factor for the vitamin D3 needs. For example, children need far less vitamin D3 as adults. The needs of seniors on vitamin D3 differs from the young person.

Now consider the amount of vitamin D3, which require the different sexes and age groups.


How much vitamin D3 should men and women should each take every day?

Healthy adults are recommended to consume between 5000 I.e. and 20,000 I.e. Vitamin D3 safely. Women can take a little more than 5000 I.e. per day, men can easily reach up to 20,000 I.e. While there are no fixed guidelines for the vitamin D3 feed for men and women, but both can take vitamin D3 in this area, whereby the recorded quantities are carefully monitored to avoid a defect or toxicity.


How much vitamin D3 should children take every day?

As already mentioned, children need much less vitamin D3 as adults. For infants, it is recommended to never take more than 1500 I.e. Vitamin D3. For children up to the age of 8, 3000 I.e. Vitamin D3 are more than adequate.

For children over 9 years and to teens, a lot of 4500 I.e. Vitamin D3 is sufficient to cover the entire nutritional needs.


How much vitamin D3 should adults eat every day?

The above-mentioned span (i.e. of 5000 I.e. up to 20,000 I.E.) Is the perfect dose of vitamin D3 for adults per day. However, adults can also take more than 20,000 I.e without concerns. However, the thing has a hook: taking a lot too much vitamin D3 can damage adults. An increase in Vitamin D3 feed to up to 50,000 I.e. Per day can lead to serious damage.


How much vitamin D3 should seniors should take daily?

With the older, weak bones come and poor health, so that seniors need more vitamin D3 than younger people. For people over seventy years, it is recommended to take more than 5000 I.e. Vitamin D3, as a lack of vitamin D3 in seniors can easily express themselves in extremely poor bone health and frequent bone breaks.


How much vitamin D3 should one take for safety?

To be sure, you should take 5,000 to 20,000 I.E. Vitamin D3 daily. This is the safest for your body, because they are protected from diseases and stay healthy.

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