Wie viel Vitamin D3 täglich einnehmen

How much vitamin D3 take daily



How much vitamin D3 take daily

The Group D vitamins are biologically active substances that can be used with the food into the human body (ergocalciferol - D2) or synthesized in the skin in response to the action of ultraviolet sunlight (cholecalciferol - D3). In the kidneys, these substances are processed to the hormone calcitriol.

Some experts point out that Vitamin D A fat-soluble vitamin is and therefore best to be taken with fatty foods such as eggs, fish, etc. so that it is better absorbed.

When taking other vitamins, the substance has its own properties. For example, vitamin E should be occupied separately in high concentrations, as it is poorly absorbed under the influence of vitamin D. If the vitamins A and D are combined, they neutralize each other in their effect.


How much vitamin D can you always occupy?

The importance of vitamin D for our health is widely recognized and the measurement of the blood mirror has become part of the routine examinations in many medical departments.


The measurement of the vitamin D mirror is often often prescribed by endocrinologists, pediatricians, neurologists, rheumatologists, orthopedists, pathologists and others. At the same time, more and more physicians use vitamin D to balance the vitamin D deficiency. This is a great progress that can improve the health quickly and effectively.

Vitamin D and toxicity

However, to use the benefits of vitamin D, we have to maintain a blood level of more than 50 ng / ml throughout the year (2.3).

Doses of 5 to 10,000 IU per day are the minimum for adults to achieve adequate biological effects and achieve values ​​over 50 ng / ml.

When taking vitamin D in its natural form, it is virtually impossible for a toxicity to occur. The usual form of vitamin D administered to nutritional supplement is the natural form -25 (OH) D3, as it is formed in the human body by solar radiation. This form is a pre-vitamin, is not active and is activated by the body if necessary.

The detected toxicity does not apply to the administration of vitamin D in its natural form. Rare cases of toxicity were detected after administration of pharmaceutical forms of D3: 1.25 (OH) 2 D3. You can easily get the vitamin by Vitamin D3 20000 IE Select or a larger quantity Vitamin D3 50000 Buy it.

How much vitamin D should one take daily to avoid a shortage?

The question has been discussed for several years, and it has been found that the vitamin D requirement is at least eight times higher than the values ​​recommended by the French health authorities. In France, the health authorities (ANSES) clearly indicate that the recommended food intake 200 ie Vitamin D3 per day is. This (relatively low) dose contained in 50 g of salmon would be sufficient to prevent deficiency symptoms and maintain health. A supplementation would not be necessary.


Vitamin D-Deficit Study

Following these recommendations, Haute Autorité de Santé published a report at the end of 2013. It says that the measurement of vitamin D in the blood completely unnecessary is.

These statements raise many questions. Because if the diet quickly covers the needs, how can the results of the National Institute for Health Monitoring (INVS) to explain that with more than 80% of French a vitamin D deficit has measured?

And how to explain the recommendations of the National Academy of Medicine that reaffirms that the daily VITAMIN D requirement 1000 IE must be set again per day, d. H. five times more than the values ​​recommended by the ANSES?


Higher vitamin D levels would be required

American researchers wanted to compare the effect of supplementation with 1000, 2000 or 4000 ies per day over three months in winter at 328 people. With an average starting blood level of 15 ng / ml So most participants were in the deficit comparable to the French population.

After three months, the results of the researchers are clear: 20 ng / ml to exceed (a threshold generally recognized as an indication of a defect) are 1640 ie Vitamin D3 Pro Day in 97.5% of cases required.

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