Collection: Vitamin D3 30000 IU 90 capsules

What is vitamin D

If we speak of vitamin D, we do not mean a certain substance or a particular vitamin. Scientists use the term as a preamble for a group of fat-soluble vitamins - the so-called Calciferole. Major forms include vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

The human body can produce vitamin D only under the influence of light, ie UV-B radiation. Therefore, vitamin D is often referred to as "the sun hormone" in advertising.

Why is vitamin D important for the body?

We need it especially for our bones. Because thanks to vitamin D, our body can accommodate calcium from the food. This hardens, for example, bones and teeth. It also influences muscle power and is important for metabolic processes. A shortage of adults can lead to a deformation of the bones, pain and muscle loss.

According to the Foundation Warentest, a deficiency also increases the risk of developing osteoporosis - a weakening of the bones. In a shortage of infants and children, the risk of rickitis, a serious disturbance of bone growth, which can lead to a permanent deformation of the skeleton. Therefore, you can buy and take vitamin D and take this, especially the 30,000 vitamin D tablets for older people are recommended.

When is one speak of a vitamin D deficiency?

In fact, it does not measure vitamin D, but a precursor of the vitamin: 25 (OH) D. If the value is below 12 nanogram per milliliter (ng / ml) or under 30 nanomol per liter (nmol / l), one speaks of a subcassure With an increased risk of diseases such as rickets, osteoporosis and bone softening. A value of 50 nanomol per liter is optimal.

In a survey of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), almost 60 percent of adults remain in Germany under this optimal value - but mostly only slightly. The RKI writes that around 15 percent of less than 30 nanomol per liter are written in this country. However, there are different measurement methods that lead to different values, making the comparison of data from different studies or surveys more difficult.

Who should take vitamin D preparations?

Vitamin D tablets can be advisable for certain persons or risk groups like persons from 65 years. With increasing age, the skin is often less able to produce vitamin D. According to the recommendation of the Foundation Warentest, vitamin D preparations are often useful in chronically ill, immobilants and people in need of care. Thus, it can be summarized that every vitamin D can take to it and should buy. Best in the 30,000 unity for older people or people with vitamin D deficiency.

Also for infants there is a recommendation, as they should be protected in the first year of life before direct sunlight. People who disguise their skin for religious or cultural reasons should also consider supplementation with vitamin D tablets.

Where to buy Vitamin D 30000

The consumer center stated in a paper that advertising suggests that vitamin D would bring human health benefits. Many people affect vitamin D tablets without their blood serum levels be checked. Since vitamin D tablets are free, many people take them regularly, though the fewest suffer from a defect. For this reason, you should always visit a doctor.

The Professional Association of German Internists advises the intake of vitamin D as long as the question of whether the vitamin D levels is follow or cause of a disease is not answered. If you still want to take vitamin D tablets, you should always do this in consultation with a doctor. These can determine the vitamin D content by a blood test. The statutory health insurance companies can be examined for justified suspicion of a shortage and then recommend to buy the vitamin D. Treat tablets in a lack of consideration and buy if necessary, the 30,000 vitamin D tablets.