Symptome bei Vitamin D mangel

Symptoms at Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D3 deficiency cause

What impact has a lack of vitamin D3 on human health? Vitamin D3 is essential for general health. However, any nutrient deficiency may lead to many problems and health problems such as hair loss, depression, back pain, etc.

Therefore, doctors recommend taking vitamin D supplement preparations to avoid a defect and lack of problems.

Health problems related to vitamin D3 deficiency

Here are the following side effects of a vitamin D3 deficiency

1st weakening of the immune system

The main task of vitamin D is to strengthen the immune system. So it allows a person to fight against different diseases.

If a person has a flu or cold, this is probably due to a vitamin D deficiency.

According to a study, respiratory infections are also available Vitamin D deficiency in connection.

Research has proven that the daily intake of 4000 IE vitamin D contributes to reducing the risk of respiratory infections.


2.haar failure


Causes vitamin D3 deficiency hair loss? Yes, vitamin D3 deficiency causes hair loss in humans. According to the vitamin D3 deficiency, investigations are formed on the head, which is why hair loss occurs.

According to another study, hair loss occurs in women due to a lack of vitamin D3.

3.Ded sleeping behavior

The sleep quality is also impaired by vitamin D. In a study of 39 children, it was found that vitamin D deficiency leads to poor sleep, short sleep duration and delayed bedtime.

4th back pain


Vitamin D is required for the preservation of bone health. It increases the calcium intake.

If you suffer from pain in the lower back or in the bone, this can be due to a vitamin D3 deficiency.

An observation study with 98 people suffered from chronic back pain, giving them to a low Vitamin DMirror are due.

After a review of 98 studies arthritis, muscle aches and widespread chronic pain is due to a vitamin D deficiency.


Can a vitamin D3 deficiency cause depression? Yes Depression can be due to a low vitamin D mirror in the body.

According to a survey study, depression, especially in older people, are due to a vitamin D deficiency.

In an investigation, 65 percent of people suffered from depression, which were due to a vitamin D deficiency.

6.Beautiful wound healing

A low vitamin D mirror leads to slow wound healing after surgery or injury.

In a test tube analysis, it has been demonstrated that vitamin D is involved in the new formation of skin during the wound healing process.

In another study, it was found that a low vitamin D levels in people who had undergone a dental surgery led to a reduced wound healing.

Vitamin D also controls inflammation and helps control infections.

People who have a secure vitamin D deficiency have high inflammatory markers.



Anxiety are a widespread disease today. However, there may be different causes of anxiety, and a major cause is vitamin D deficiency.

Researchers claim that other people experience anxiety due to a low calcidiol mirror, which basically is a form of vitamin D. People normally ask if a vitamin D3 defect can cause dizziness.

Another exam has shown that a sufficient amount of vitamin D contributes to reducing fear and stress in pregnant women.

8.Bone's threshold

Vitamin D3 is good for bone health. The vitamin not only makes the bones strong, but also prevents bone loss. Bone loss occurs mainly in older adults. The bone loss is due to a low calcium and vitamin D levels.

Research has shown that the bone density and minerals improve in women with vitamin D deficiency. The most frequently asked question is: can one Vitamin D3 deficiency Cause aching shoulders? Yes, due to bone loss it can cause pain in the shoulders.

In addition, experts believe that there is only one way to prevent bone loss, namely the increase in vitamin D3 mirror.

9.Muscle pain

The causes of muscle pain are manifold, and muscle aches are associated with different health conditions. However, various examinations have shown that vitamin D deficiency is one of the main causes of muscle aches.

Another examination revealed that 71% of the people suffered from chronic pain also had a vitamin D3 deficiency.

Some studies have proven that taking a high dose vitamin D3 is helpful in eliminating chronic muscle pain.


Vitamin D deficiency is a serious problem, because it promotes other diseases such as hair loss, bone loss, anxiety, depression and back pain. He besides, he bothers people's sleep cycle. In addition, vitamin D deficiency is a serious problem with pregnant women. Because he leads to serious complications during pregnancy.

He also affects the health of older people. So it is important to prevent vitamin D deficiency.




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