Vitamin D Testosteron

Vitamin D testosterone

Vitamin D testosterone

Vitamin D3 5000 IU has a positive effect on testosterone

In the United States, testosterone is the most frequently used drug. This is due to the increase in older men and chronic diseases that lead to low testosterone levels. These diseases include metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The testosterone level increases for men, but from the age of 30 it begins to decrease. This is called Andropause. The Andropause is characterized by a gradual decline in testosterone levels, which leads to a disadvantageous effects. The connection between testosterone and vitamin D is unclear. Vitamin D naturally increases testosterone levels. Various studies support this connection. The male reproductive tract has various vitamin D receptors.


 D 3,000 iU testosterone vitamin D


In a study, the testosterone level was examined by healthy men. Some of the participants took 3,000 IE vitamin D a year, while the others took a placebo over the same period. At the beginning, all participants had a vitamin D deficiency due to diabetes. Diabetes is associated with vitamin D deficiency. After one year, the researchers found higher testosterone values ​​among men of the vitamin D group. In contrast, there was no change in testosterone levels in the placebo group.

A study from 2019 examined the effects of vitamin D supplementation on serum testosterone levels. The men in the study had a lack of testosterone. One hundred healthy men took 12 weeks a week 20,000 IE vitamin D Or a placebo to yourself. In this study, the experts did not find any significant effect on the testosterone level, since the participants already had normal vitamin D levels. The study shows that vitamin D supplementation increases testosterone levels in men naturally.


Natural testosterone


Vitamin D supplementation in men with vitamin D deficiency leads to a significant increase in the testosterone level.

41.6 % of Americans suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. This is due to the fact that the United States are an industrial country and that most Americans spend most of the time in closed rooms. In addition, the western diet has a vitamin D deficiency and is rich in carbohydrates, saturated fats and free radicals. Most American men don't get enough sunlight. At the same time, they do not have enough vitamin D. A lower testosterone level is associated with a lack of vitamin D. 6 % of the middle -aged men have a testosterone deficiency. At the age of over 30 years, this proportion increases to 2 % per year. As a result, 41 % of the world population have a lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D3+K2 10000i.E. is very suitable because it contains the required calcium and vitamin D.


Vitamin D 5000 iU advantages


The advantages of vitamin D go far beyond sexual health. Vitamin D is necessary for muscle strength and bone minerals. It helps prevent depression, strengthening the immune system and heart health. Certain foods are enriched with vitamin D, and in the event of sunlight it is easily absorbed by the skin. Most American men do not absorb enough vitamin D or the required sunlight. That is why men are recommended to eat food enriched with vitamin D such as eggs, milk, fish and herbal fats.

In addition, men can consume vitamin D preparations. Most people need 600 to 800 IE vitamin D every day. If people do not absorb enough vitamin D via food or sunlight Vitamin D 5000 iU When treating vitamin D deficiency.


Vitamin D3 dosage 5000 iU advantages


Vitamin D3 5000 IU is a highly effective dietary supplement to support the health of teeth, muscles, bones and the immune system and offers you all the advantages of vitamin D3. This addition is like a soft gel that is easy to swallow; It increases your vitamin D level to a healthy level. Vitamin D3+K2 10000i.E Contains the vitamins D3 and K2; This combination is particularly suitable for vitamin D supplements, since vitamin D and calcium get where they are needed.



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