Vitamin D3 u Depressionen?

Vitamin D3 u depression?

Does vitamin D3 help with depression?

Do you suffer from depression? Do not worry. You can get rid of depression by Vitamin D3 intake to 50000 increase. Depression is a brain disease in which people feel sad and lose interest in other activities. It also has a negative effect in our way of thinking, feeling and doing tasks. According to one Report of the World Health Organization Around 280 million people suffer from depression. In various studies, experts have shown that a low vitamin D3 mirror (10,000 IE) is the main cause of depression. A study published in June 2018 showed that 40 % of the population does not receive enough vitamin D. People who live in the northern half of the USA or in cities such as San Francisco, Denver and St. Louis do not get enough vitamin D from sunlight.

Symptoms of depression

The signs of depression can vary from person to person, but in the following some frequent symptoms of vitamin D are called.
  • sadness
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Sudden weight gain or acceptance
  • Lack of appetite
  • Disturbed sleep cycle
  • Mood swings
  • aggression
  • Less confident
  • Less concentrated
  • Physical pain
If you believe that you don't week Vitamin D3 50000 Take in, check these symptoms yourself. If you feel some of these symptoms, you should see your doctor to have it confirmed.

Vitamin D3 10000 IE and depression

A high vitamin D intake such as vitamin D3 50000 also helps to improve cognitive skills and reduce the symptoms of depression in people with a deficiency. Depression is a serious problem that can cause other health problems and ruin the life of the people concerned. Various researchers have carried out various studies to the effectiveness of vitamin D and Vitamin K2 To examine 200 mcg in the treatment of depression. In several studies, a connection between a low vitamin D level and an increased risk of depression was found. Therefore, you should have higher amounts of vitamin D and 5-HTP Take 300 mg to reduce the symptoms of mental illnesses. Vitamin D3 Improves the mood by putting a smile on your face. In April 2014 the Trade magazine Psychosomatic Medicine A review published in which it was demonstrated that people with severe depressive symptoms that had high amounts of vitamin D preparations had an excellent opportunity.

Natural source of vitamin D3

Vitamin D is naturally contained in a few foods such as salmon, tuna, mushrooms, egg yolk, beef liver and cheese. Enriched foods such as soy, oats, cow's milk and grain also contain enough vitamin D. The researchers showed that it is very difficult to evaluate the role of vitamin D recording in terms of food intake, since vitamin D mainly comes from fish . The results can be improved by taking omega-3 fatty acids, which have a positive effect on our mood and mental health. The role of vitamin D in the treatment of MDD has not yet been proven.

Are vitamin D3 and 5-HTP 300 mg suitable for the treatment of depression?

You can undoubtedly consume vitamin D3 from different foods, but the best way to eat vitamin D3 are additions with 5-HTP 300mg. According to experts, the vitamin D3 preparation gives immediate results. Therefore give doctors Antidepressants and vitamin D3 Together to achieve quick results. Vitamin D3 is available in different doses. Therefore, start taking vitamin D3 preparations after consultation with your doctor.

Recommended dosage

The recommended daily supply of vitamin D3 is good for health, but it is not enough to remove depression or anxiety. The best dosage is Vitamin D3 10000 He weekly. If you want to achieve a quick result, start taking vitamin D3 50000 together with antidepressant pills.

Other options for treating depression

There are various ways to deal with depression, for example:
  • Do exercises every day
  • Practic yoga
  • set goals
  • Think of happy memories
  • Eat a balanced
  • Get enough sleep
  • Avoid drugs
  • Accept healthy habits
  • Remain hydraulic
  • Remove negative
  • Make mindfulness therapy


Depression is a chronic but treatable mental illness. There are various reasons for depression - workload, trauma and other health problems. But vitamin D deficiency is one of the main causes of depression. Taking vitamin D3 preparations with vitamin K2 200 MCG helps to reduce the risk of depression. In addition, it also helps to get rid of existing depression. If you suffer from depression, take an additional dose of vitamin D3 for daily intake. Since the daily dose is 600, it is ineffective to treat depression.
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