Vitamine für senioren

Vitamins for seniors

Daily requirement at vitamin D3 for older men


Why is Vitamin D3 important for older adults? When we reach the age of 40 years, doctors recommend taking multivitamins for better health. In particular, you recommend taking vitamin D3. Because it has numerous advantages such as the strengthening of the immune system, reducing inflammation, strengthening the bones, muscle function and improving mental health. Older adults have problems with joint pain, arthritis and muscle aches. Therefore, the intake of vitamin D3 is an advantage for you. However, the question arises how high the daily needs are D3.

Produced according to a study The body of older adult less vitamin D3. It is believed that a vitamin D3 shortage of older people often occurs because they no longer go outside and do not put themselves so often in the sun anymore.

In addition, they do not eat much so that their body products do not produce sufficient amount of vitamin D3.

Therefore, everyone who gets older should take daily vitamin D3 to cover their daily needs.


Benefits of vitamin D3 for older adults

Vitamin D3 is very beneficial for older adults. It has hundreds of advantages, some of which are mentioned below.


1. promotion of mental health at seniors


Vitamin D3 contributes to improving mental health and helps to avoid various mental illnesses in older people. In higher age, many people suffer from depression, anxiety and stress. A study performed on more than 5600 older adults revealed that people who had a vitamin D deficiency were more depressed.

Therefore, a sufficient amount of vitamin D3 per day promotes mental health.


Osteoporosis is a diseasein which the bones are weak. According to a survey, 16 percent of people suffer from osteoporosis. Vitamin D3 deficiency is one of the main causes.

According to experts, the intake of vitamin D3 can protect a person from osteoporosis or bone softening.

In addition, it would be better if older people take vitamin D3 together with calcium preparations.

According to a study of the Medical Association with 49 000 participants, seniors who take sufficient vitamin D3 with calcium have a 16 percent lower risk of bone breaks, especially hip fractures.

3. help in preventing severe diseases


Vitamin D3 has different health benefits. For this reason, older people should absorb vitamin D3 in their diet. According to scientists, vitamin D3 is one of the beneficial nutrients that help in the healing of flu, cancer and all other diseases.

Vitamin D3 works against different Types of cancer because it has the ability to combat cancer-causing cells and to support the formation of healthy cells.

A report from the University of East Finland According to vitamin D3, vitamin D3 has helped to combat cancer and reduce the mortality rate.

4.Vitamin D3 and oral health in older people


Have you ever seen older people without teeth? I think everyone has seen this kind of older adults. The reasons for this are vitamin D deficiency and calcium deficiency. In addition, there are other problems with the gums that also arise with age.

Researchers conducted a study on 67% of people with dental problems, and they found out that people with a low vitamin D3 deficiency have more oral problems.

In addition, a study asserts that people with vitamin D and calcium defects are more susceptible to other health problems.

5.Parkinson diseases


The Parkinson's disease is a serious illness of the brain. She leads to the muscles and cells of the brain. Parkinson's disease occurs more frequently in older adults. However, experts point out that taking vitamin D3 protects older people from Parkinson's disease.


D3 daily requirement for older adults


As you know, our body can win vitamin D3 from the sunlight and a healthy diet. But for many reasons, older adults can not go outside to win enough vitamin D3 directly from the sunlight. Therefore, you need vitamin D3 preparations to meet your daily needs.

According to experts, 800 D3 is good for older adults, and only a few people recommend 1000 mg D3 for older adults over 70 years.



Vitamin D3 is necessary for people of every age group, but especially for older adults. Because older people have a low vitamin D3 mirror for a variety of reasons. Vitamin D3 has many advantages for older people, such as: B. strong bones, better mental health and better oral health. It also reduces the risk of cancer and Parkinson's diseases.

So if you are 60 years and older, you should start taking vitamin D3 because it will improve your overall health.

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