Für was ist vitamin d3 gut

For what is vitamin D3 good

For what is vitamin D3 good


Is Vitamin D3 good for you?


Vitamin D3 is a stronger Part of your nutritional needs. The ingestion is emphasized so much that one asks why it is so important and what happens when you leave it out of the diet. The question is, so whether vitamin D3 is good for you and what parts of your body suffer from it when you delete it from your diet.


Is Vitamin D3 good for you?


Of course, vitamin D3 is good for you. Without it, they become prone to many diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Her bones are weak, their teeth are weak and their skin becomes leather-like. And these are just a few of the effects that your body is exposed.

Let's look at how Vitamin D3 is for different parts of your body.


Is Vitamin D3 good for your bones?


Vitamin D3 is known for its benefits for bone health. Since calcium absorption falls below the roof of vitamin D3 by the formation of calcitonin, is vitamin D3 responsible for the strength and stiffness of the bones.


Numerous investigations have shown the negative effects of a low vitamin D3 mirror and its connection to diseases such as arthritis, rickitis and osteoporosis. A low vitamin D3 mirror makes them very prone to bone breaks at low to normal load.


Is Vitamin D3 good for your skin?


Vitamin D3 is not only good for the skin. It is indeed essential. Vitamin D3 supports many processes in the skin, such as. B. normal cell proliferation and apoptosis (cell death controlled by DNA). It is assumed that this property of vitamin D3 is crucial in the prevention of cancers.


Studies have shown that people who regularly Vitamin D3 too took a much lower risk to develop later in life at a skin melanoma, as people who did not have enough vitamin D3 in the serum.


Vitamin D3 is also known for its anti-inflammatory effect, which not only contributes to improving eczema and dandruff, but also has an anti-aging effect. But the thing has a hook: a surplus of vitamin D3 is responsible for premature aging.


Is Vitamin D3 good for your heart?


The health of the heart affects the health of the entire body, as it is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. An interesting relationship between vitamin D3 and cardiovascular health was found. New research results have shown that Vitamin D3 has a positive effect on the health of the heart and that a lack of vitamin D3 is associated with cardiovascular diseases, but is not responsible.


An Australian study has shown that a low vitamin D3 mirror is associated with a higher risk of stroke, heart failure and diseases of the coronary vessels. A connection between high blood pressure and low vitamin D3 serum levels has also been detected.


Interestingly, vitamin D3 preparations do not contribute to improving cardiovascular health. Since this connection has been discovered only now, further research is in progress.


Is Vitamin D3 good for your immune system?


The relationship between vitamin D3 and the immune system is clearer from day to day. Research shows the positive effects of vitamin D3 on autoimmunity, especially by T cells that become pathogenic. This is another protection against cancer. Vitamin D3 is also known for the protection of the skin.


Other diseases that have proven vitamin D3 as helpful are chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), which also shows the effect between vitamin D3 and the coronavirus that the lungs falls. Although no clear connections between the two diseases were detected, vitamin D3 generally promotes the health of the lungs, which is advantageous in the case of COVID infection.


Vitamin D3 demonstrably contributes to a general resistance to infections, which means that it is good for the immune system.


Is vitamin D3 good for your hair?


A lack of vitamin D3 can demonstrably cause alopecia (hair loss), and administration of vitamin D3 can demonstrably reduce the hair loss. Vitamin D3 has been demonstrably positive on the hair by stimulating the hair follicles in the skin and promoting hair growth.


Vitamin D3 20,000 I.E.


Since vitamin D3 is only slightly available in the food, they often need to occupy dietary supplements to maintain the normal serum levels of vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 20,000 I.E. It is prescribed by doctors for daily intake if you want to protect yourself from a vitamin D3 deficiency and its consequences.



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