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How much vitamin D a day

How much vitamin D a day

How much vitamin D3 is too much?

As for all vitamins there is also for Vitamin D3 a recommended daily dose. It is advisable to take vitamin D3 within this area, as this was determined by appropriate research and experiments. The recommended amount of each vitamin ensures health, growth and protection against disease.


How much vitamin D3 is currently advisable?


The recommended amount of nutrients is given as recommended daily dose (Recommended DietaryY Allowance, RDA). The RDA for Vitamin D3 indicates a value that covers the needs of approximately all normal, healthy and adult persons.


Vitamin D3 becomes a daily intake of at least 5000 I.e. and at most 20,000 I.e. per day recommended. The intake of this vitamin in this amount is sufficient for you if you are normal and healthy and do not suffer from a defect.


How much vitamin D3 is too much?


Everything about the above range of 5000 I.e. to 20,000 I.e. per day is too high if they do not suffer from a lack of vitamin D3. An exceeding of this area does not necessarily hurt you, but does not take advantage of it.


However, if you take more than 20 times the recommended amount, there is a risk of hypervitaminosis. The highest possible amount you can tolerate is about 50,000 I.E. And taking a large amount is only recommended to patients who have a serious lack of vitamin D3. She is not advisable for healthy adults.


Even patients with deficiency symptoms do not receive everyone Day 50,000 I.e. Vitamin D3. This is such a large amount that you can only tolerate from the body over a long period of time.


Is the upper value equal to all healthy people?


The individually permissible maximum quantity (UL) is the maximum amount of a nutrient that can compete. The question is whether this value is the same for all healthy people.


Well, the above-mentioned value (d. H. 50,000 I.e.) is the upper limit for all healthy adults. For other people, however, another value applies. For example, children who require a significantly smaller amount of vitamin D3. During pregnancy, the UL is different for women than normal. Even dogs have another UL!


How much vitamin D3 is too much for children?


Even in children, the upper limit for vitamin D3 is different depending on the age. Thus, the UL for newborns and toddlers is 1500 I.e., for children aged 1 to 8, but 3000 I.e. For children aged 9 to 18 years, the Upper Tolerable Intake Level is different. For them, it is 4500 I.E.


How much vitamin D3 is too much in pregnancy?


Since the fetus is nourished by the mother, pregnant women need much more vitamin D3 than usual. Studies have shown that the vitamin D3 needs rising from pregnant women so that their babies have sufficient serum vitamin D3 levels at birth. This means that even your UL is significantly higher. It is not 50,000 I.e. As usual.


Vitamin D3 20,000 I.e.


Will become during pregnancy Vitamin D3 20,000 I.E. Recommended, as women need more vitamin D3 during pregnancy. Vitamin D3 20,000 I.e. is needed for normal women who have a healthy vitamin D3 serum level. It is administered as a supplement to ensure that their newborns receive sufficient vitamin D3.


For women who suffer from a vitamin D3 deficiency, a higher dose must be administered to cover both the needs of the mother and the child. The required Dose is 50,000 I.E.


Can I get too much vitamin D3 from the sun?

It is interesting that you can not get too much vitamin D3 out of the sun. Why is that? Because their body has a self-regulating mechanism that prevents the synthesis of too much vitamin D from the sun. You can win a healthy amount of vitamin D out of the sun, but never too much.


How much vitamin D3 is too much for dogs?


We also talked about dogs above. The fact is that dogs tolerate much lower levels of vitamin D3 than people. Even adult dogs can not accommodate more than 3000 I.e. Vitamin D3. An exceeding of this amount can lead to severe toxicity.



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