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Manufacturer dietary supplement

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If you are a sports enthuster or a fan of fitness and excellence and want to keep up with the strongest and latest products on the dietary supplement market, we are futures nutrition, a manufacturer of organic dietary supplements, their ideal choice to help them worldwide Leading and guaranteed products to get competitive prices.

FuturesNutrition Is one of the best companies for dietary supplements, which offers official integrated frontend of nutritional supplements and produces the most powerful products in the world. We also offer wholesale nutritional supplements. So, if you want to use these dietary supplements for a long time, this will be the best choice for you.

FuturesNutrition is the best manufacturer of biological dietary supplements, which provides its customers high quality products. You can order a lot of dietary supplements you want from our website; We are just steps away from you.

We are proud to provide our customers an excellent service that is attributable to trust and credibility in trade and a solid experience in the market since 2016.

We are pleased to have you at Futures Nutrition Supplements Company, and we are honored to receive your opinions and suggestions about our services or offers.


We offer quality products


Quality is associated with customer satisfaction and their trust in our products, which is why our greatest concern is to offer high quality and luxurious products. High quality has always been a benchmark for outstanding achievements, and that is also our vision. We are proud that all our products and displays come from the original source, they are 100% natural. In addition, our company is the best bio-nutritional supplement manufacturer in Germany. Futures Nutrition strives to deliver the best and even the original product itself.

What we offer to our customers goes beyond the boundaries of excellent service and achieves the platinum degree, as the service is not only related to the quality of the product, but also with the packaging and storage of the product. Our products are stored in excellent camps, which are additionally equipped with cooling to keep the products within the recommended temperature.

We take care of you and try to offer all the athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world a pleasant and secure shopping experience! Come to us and convince yourself.


Our products


Vitamin D3


Vitamin D is the only one Vitamin that makes the body when exposed to ultraviolet rays, which is why it is often referred to as sunshine vitamin.

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients in the body. It helps with the recording of calcium, ensures healthy teeth and bones and supports the immune system in the fight against disease. Despite its great importance suffers from a significant part of the world's population to vitamin D deficiency.


The meaning of vitamin D3 capsules for general health


Vitamin D is an important nutrient that fulfills many functions in the body. It can not only be absorbed over the food, and many people need to take supplements to compensate for the defect.

Lately, in many regions of the world cases of heavy vitamin D deficiency have occurred.

Vitamin D deficiency is therefore therefore a dangerous indicator, because there are almost incurable diseases such as arthritis, tissue clerosis, diabetes and certain types of cancers due to vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, is formed by the body only after sufficient sun exposure.

It is also produced chemically in the form of capsules, injections and pills. As a manufacturer of biological dietary supplements, we offer capsules and tablets with vitamin D3.

If the body is missing this vitamin, it is recommended to take vitamin D3 tablets recommended by the doctor.


We offer vitamin D3 wholesale supplements


Our company offers food supplements in wholesale, so you can buy it immediately.

Vitamin D belongs to the family of fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E and K. These vitamins are well absorbed with fats and stored in the liver and fat tissue. The following are the main benefits of vitamin D for the body:

- Treatment of Rachitis in children.

- Protection against respiratory infections.

- Prevention of osteoporosis.

- Improving mood and relief of the symptoms of depression.

- Improving cognitive performance and prevention against cognitive decline or dementia.

- Treatment of psoriasis and some genetic disturbances such as hypophosphatemia.

- preserving the health of the heart and blood vessels; This prevents stroke.

- Reduction of the risk to illuminate type 2 diabetes by increasing the insulin sensitivity of the tissue.

- It stimulates the immunity:

- Studies have confirmed that taking 10,000 units Vitamin D The immune system strengthens.

- Therefore, you can avoid infections through many pathogens and help the body not attack themselves.

- Vitamin D3 combats cancer cells, it prevents the formation of cancer cells, in particular of prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to take it to protect the body from cancer cells.

- Vitamin D3 capsules Bend caries. These capsules are also used for the treatment of calcium deficiency under which the body sometimes suffers. This can lead to serious risks for dental health and infections. And it is also used to keep the teeth strong and free of caries.


If you buy dietary supplements in large quantities


If you buy dietary supplements in bulk bed, pay attention to the dosage you are taking. As a manufacturer of biological dietary supplements, we offer highly dosed dietary supplements like Vitamin D3 10000 IU, Vitamin D3 20000 IU and Vitamin D3 50000 IU at. So make sure that you can no longer take when your doctor has prescribed. Otherwise, an increase in the dose may cause damage.


Side effects when taking an overdose of vitamin D3 tablets


Here are some of the side effects of overdose of vitamin D3 tablets, including:

- eye drought.

- restlessness or irritability.

- Mouth and tongue dryness.

- Heart rhythmias.

- Heavy back or joint pain.

- Muscle weakness, high blood pressure.

- renal insufficiency; as a result of calcium and phosphata deposits in kidney tissue.

- Hypercalcaemia can lead to acute pancreatitis.

- Chest pain and breathing difficulties due to damage to the lung tissue.

- High calcium values ​​in the blood lead to loss of appetite and nausea or vomiting.

There are some symptoms that indicate poisoning with vitamins or dietary supplements, such as: B. The following:

- Digestion System: Toxicity can cause problems in the digestive system, such as vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain or loss of appetite.

- Nervous system: To the symptoms that occur at a vitamin toxicity on the nervous system include irritability, dizziness, elevated shred pressure due to a cerebral edema, drowsiness and headache.

- Skin diseases: There are some symptoms that can occur due to the toxicity on the skin, such as. B. peeling the skin or rashes.

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, the symptoms of vitamin toxicity that can achieve a chronic stage can be listed below:

- Symptoms of the digestive system: Chronic toxicity can lead to digestive problems such as an enlarged spleen and an enlarged liver.

- Neurological symptoms: The symptoms that can result from a chronic disease concern the nerves of the body and can cause severe headaches, or when examining or X-ray, there is a possibility that a false brain tumor occurs.

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